Area Tarps

Home Plate Tarps, Pitcher's Mound Tarps

Protect your critical field areas from rain, wind, or even sun.

You put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your pitcher's mound and home plate areas. Beacon's Area Tarps can make sure your pitcher's mound and home plate are protected, and also the tarps themselves are made in the USA and will themselves wear well and last.

We offer lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty field tarps in 6, 8, or 18oz. Our most popular field area tarp is the FieldShield for home plate and pitcher's mounds combining lighter weight with superior strength and better abrasion control.

With any tarp, consider the Beacon Tarp Cart System for easy transport and easy-to-handle rubber tarp weights. It just makes sense. Contact our team of experts with any questions you have regarding area tarps, field tarps, or tarp weights. Or reference our comprehensive Tarp Selection Guide for information about the various styles of tarps.