FieldShield AREA Tarps 8 oz

Made in the USA

A Beacon exclusive that combines lightweight with superior strength. Our 8 oz / sq yd poly material features an ArmorKote surface coating for better abrasion and flex crack resistance, seam strength, and chemical resistance. The perfect combination of durability without excessive weight. Beacon green on top, white on bottom. STANDARD HEM includes spurred, rolled rim grommets every 3 to 4 feet. Stakes or Field Weights are recommended but not included (click table for recommended number of tarp stakes or Field Weights). Weighted Hem Area Tarps also available.

Also see 6oz Lightweight or 18oz Heavy-Duty standard hem area tarps.

Mound or home plate area tarps available for all levels of play. Click table thumbnail (left) for more information.

270-246-019 270-246-029 270-246-039 270-246-049 270-246-059 270-246-079

FieldShield AREA Tarps 8 oz
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