Rigid Steel Mat Drag
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Rigid Steel Mat Drag

Made in the USA

This rigid steel drag mat is increasingly popular with groundskeepers. The 4' and 6' wide by 18" deep mat is built for rapid grooming of an infield skin such as between inning grooming but can also be utilized in the day to day maintenance. The rigidity of the drag helps to cut down high spots and fill low spots. Some assembly required.

Can be pulled by hand, infield tractor or grooming machine.

  • 4'W x 18"L Rigid Steel Mat Drag
  • 6'W x 18"L Rigid Steel Mat Drag


Also available in the DELUXE and PREMIUM Field Maintenance Tool Packages.

205-435-010 205-435-320 205-435-330 PKG-500 PKG-510

Rigid Steel Mat Drag
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