Protective Netting Systems

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Customized Protection

From simple sketches, photographs, blueprints or CAD drawings we'll know what questions to ask to guide you through the design process. Our professional design services ensure you'll be getting the best solution for your field.

SUPPORT STRUCTURES We'll help design and fabricate support structures for your nets or we'll help you find a local supplier.
NET PANELS All net panels are made to order in the USA. We can produce panels for any sport, in any size or shape.
AESTHETICS You'll want it to look good, and we make sure it does.
LEAVE UP or TAKE DOWN We specialize in net systems that can be raised and lowered from the ground, but we also can design permanent installations.
EXPERIENCE Our experience and knowledge will save you time and money while ensuring your spectators and players are protected.

Protective Screens

Our All-Star Netting Systems

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Permanent Full Net Backstop
Removable Full Net Backstop
Protective Netting
Tie-back Backstop
Multi-field Complex Protection

Also see Barrier Netting Systems.

Tie-back Backstop

Beacon has developed a basic design for a four pole "tie-back" backstop using protective netting in place of chain link fabric that can be adapted to fit most baseball and softball facilities. The benefits include fewer support poles and no poles blocking the view through the backstop; and the cost for such a backstop can be significantly less than the traditional all-steel option. Our tie-back system has been installed from 20' to 40' high for minor league and college stadiums as well as high school and park & recreation fields. It can even be configured to allow the net to be raised and lowered from the ground for facilities where seasonal net removal and storage is necessary.

Protective Netting Systems
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