Hoses, nozzles, reels, and irrigation

Get the right tools for watering your turf or infield skin.

There's a lot that goes into managing your field turf and infield soils. Proper watering and irrigation is something to not overlook. Our assortment of hose nozzles can give you what every groundskeeper needs -- precision and variety. With multiple settings and stream variations you can properly manage your infield skin. Our field hoses will get you around the field with ease -- especially our ultra-light irrigation hose.

For your outfield grass, employ a proper irrigation system. Our sprinklers, coupler valves, hose connectors and swivel joints will get you -- and the water -- moving in the right direction.

Contact our team of experts with any questions you have regarding irrigation, hoses, nozzles, or baseball sprinkler systems. Also reference our irrigation hose comparison guide.