Pitchers L Screen

Beacon Built

Works with right- or left-handed pitchers.

The protective area is designed to improve protection without limiting throwing motion. This 7' x 7' protective infield screen is suitable for any level of play.

Limited 2-yr Warranty
  • Original Pitcher's L
  • Pitcher's L with full padding kit (see thumbnail image)

Increase mobility by adding the optional pneumatic wheel kit (shown in main image).

Beacon Built

The Beacon Screen Advantage

  • Designed and built by Beacon Athletics:
    quality materials, superior construction
  • Suitable for any level of play
  • 16 gauge 1.66" galvanized steel tubing treated by Gatorshield®
  • UV-treated #42A knotless nylon (320 lb breaking strength) double-sided "pillowcase" nets.
Gatorshield triple layer

Patented triple-layer protection.

Gatorshield® steel frames consist of a patented triple-layer Flo-Coat and corrosion-resistant steel frame. They are designed for critical,  long-lasting applications and are ideal for outdoor and high-moisture environments when rust and corrosion protection is needed.

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Pitchers L Screen
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