Tuff Screen 8' x 8'
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Tuff Screen 8' x 8'

Beacon Built

The toughest fungo screen there is.

Our 8' x 8' Fungo Screen is suitable for professional and college levels. 2" DIA galvanized steel tubing with Gatorshield®. Includes heavy-duty #72 knotted nylon net. UV treated. Steel hub wheels.

Limited 3-yr Warranty

The Tuff Screen Advantage

  1. 2" galvanized steel tubing treated by Gatorshield®
  2. Heavy-duty, UV-treated #72 knotted nylon net
  3. Large pneumatic steel-hub wheels

Gatorshield® steel frames consist of a patented triple-layer Flo-Coat and corrosion-resistant steel frame. They are designed for critical, long-lasting applications and are ideal for outdoor and high-moisture environments when rust and corrosion protection is needed.

135-100-290, 135-100-220 135-100-292 135-100-291

Tuff Screen 8' x 8'
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