Mound-Plate Care

Batter's box and pitcher's mound care

High traffic areas can be a problem. Don't let them be.

The Jox Box high traffic mats and our porous rubber mats can make a huge difference in making your field low-maintenance. With these base mats you can protect the batters box and home plate areas, leadoff and sliding areas around your base paths, the pitcher's landing area on your pitching mound, and even the coaches boxes. Approved by ASA and USSSA for league and tournament play, these high-traffic mats can make a huge difference in maintaining these heavy wear areas.

We're talking about maintaining your pitcher's mound, but do you need tools to help you properly BUILD your pitcher's mound? Then it all starts with referencing our Ballfield Dimensions Guide and getting your hands on a Mound Slope Gauge. Toss in some ProBricks and Mound Clay -- and maybe one of those traffic mats -- and you have what you need.

Contact our team of experts with any questions you have regarding home plate, batter's box, pitching mounds, or base path areas.