Bulldog Field Equipment Pitching Rubber
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Bulldog Field Equipment Pitching Rubber

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The best pitching rubber ever.

Professional quality pitching rubber. Designed with 40 lbs of rubber to eliminate bowing and deforming. A solid sleeve with a 3" core center makes this rubber more durable than other pitching rubbers.

Longer life will reduce equipment and labor costs of replacing pitching rubbers prematurely. Patent pending.

Also available for YOUTH mounds (14lbs of rubber, 2" core, 4"x18").

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More upfront cost, but long-range savings.

The Bulldog Pitching Rubber is thicker and more dense than the competition and it will not bow after repeated repairs of the surrounding mound clay. Cleats also will not penetrate the rubber like other pitching rubbers. In most cases, the Bulldog Pitching Rubber will last three to five times longer than the others. SEE COMPARISON TABLE BELOW.

The Others Bulldog Pitching Rubber
Initial Price $120 $249
Labor to install $30 $60
Total Cost $150 $309
Life 2 yrs (avg.) 7 yrs (avg.)
Cost Per Year $75 $44
335-210-100 335-100-200
Bulldog Field Equipment Pitching Rubber
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