Soil Amendments

Baseball soil, conditioners, drying agents

Everything you need to get the most from your infield.

These soil amendments are everything you'll need from infield conditioners and topdressing, to infield drying agents and pitching mound shredded clay. Our FieldSaver engineered soils can help you fix many persistent infield problems. Don't limp along, get help, and an engineered soil might be just the right thing to get your infield soils performing consistently.

Because it can be expensive to ship soil, we also offer our popular Poolcar Bulk Soil program annual each year. By pooling shipments with others in your area you can save by the truckload.

Contact our team of experts with any questions you have regarding soil amendments, getting a soil test, or treating your infields. For information about our 2012 Infield Soil Rescue event featuring engineered soils, click below. Also see our Soil Guide for excellent information about infield and warning track soils along with recommended amounts.